April 2019 Newsletter

 April 2019 Newsletter  

National Volunteer Appreciation week occurs earlier than usual this year,  April 7th-13th due in part to Easter celebrations.  We will honour our small group of wonderful dedicated registered volunteers with a meeting and luncheon on Thursday April 11th, 2019. We are finding that our volunteer base is dwindling as well the commitment or availability from the Clergy at the various Churches, yet with family, friends, staff, and residents’ chipping in, life at LaPointe-Fisher continues to flourish.

We are asking for anyone who knows anyone with extra time on their hand to please consider becoming part of our volunteer team.  We especially welcome high school students who need to complete their 40 hours to graduate to please come forward.  Please call 821-9030 and ask for Carol. We will try to place you in volunteer duties that you are interested in.  If you are under 18 no police check is needed, however if you are over 18 one is needed. Volunteers can help us tremendously in a variety of areas including: one to one companionship, whether it be with readings, discussions, palliative care support, outings, recreational games, horticulture, creative pursuits and so on.
We are thankful for our volunteers that are registered through the St. John’s Ambulance Pet Therapy program as well as through Therapeutic Paws Canada. Not only that, but we are very fortunate to have the  musical talents of our melody chiming director,  and our pastoral care program would not be the same without our dedicated piano player(s) that play both for the monthly Mass and at the weekly Thursday afternoon interdenominational services.  We have been blessed with our long affiliation with our Toe Tappers Band, but due to their advancing age and their fiddler passing away in his 90’s earlier this year the band has announced that they are thinking of folding come the end of June. We will certainly miss them!. As they say music definitely makes the heart sing.

The reports from the Leadership Team:
Administrator Dahlia– Dahlia reports that Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) with a submission date of April 1st was a collaborative effort of Shane, and the Management Team.  As well the resident and family councils were asked for their input.  She also reports that in April the resident’s designated smoking area will change to the backyard.   The residents at their council meeting reported that they were pleased with the move as it will offer them more shade.
Director of Quality Improvement Shane-reports that via the statistics gathered some of our improvements achieved in 2018 included our reduction in the use of antipsychotic medications as well as the use of restraints.
Business Manager Kathy. Kathy reminds all that it is tax season and it is due as you all know by April 30th.
Environmental Service Supervisor Cindy in charge of laundry and Housekeeping– She suggests that if possible, it might be an idea to assist with cleaning resident closets, and perhaps switch out some winter clothing to more spring like attire.
Food Service and Nutrition Manager Christine –Christine reports that she is working on the  Spring Summer menus.  She continues to work closely with the Registered Dietitian to provide nutritious appetizing meals.  The residents chose to have a traditional turkey dinner for their Easter meal which will be served on Monday April 22 at dinner.
Maintenance Manager Reg –Reg has been busy with general upkeep of the home.  Roof repairs have taken place as well a brand new tub has been installed in our first floor home area.
Our Director of Nursing Jackie and Assistant Director of Nursing Karla –
Planning for Easter  –DON Jackie will ask you to help us keep our Residents and Staff well.

Please select flowers that do not have perfumes.  Please avoid Easter Lilies as they have an especially strong perfume which triggers these dangerous allergic reactions.

As you know, when a resident becomes quite ill, the nurse is to call you and notify you of the change.  Some families tell me that they feel pressured to transfer the Resident to the emergency department.

Consider the following please:

  1. Did you know, that there is a significant expense for some of the transportation vehicles. The family would be responsible to pay these costs to have Resident returned to the Home.
  2. Did you know, often the resident may spend a long time on a stretcher.  Stretchers are not very comfy.  Often when the Resident return to us, they have skin problems which can lead to ulcers.

Karla reports that her work in revamping our skin and wound program has been chosen as one of the home’s achievements in 2018.  The other one that was a close second was the implementation of the tools used to highlight BSO(Behavioural Support Ontario).  Karla said that if one sees a purple wrench posted in the home, this means that the BSO team that consists of the ADON, a PSW and an RPN provided education to staff with interventions in place that may help not only staff but residents succeed in experiencing as much of a great day with great care as possible.
Recreation Manager Carol –Carol reports that guest speaker Ken Irving affiliated with the Guelph Civic Museums will be here on Guelph’s birthday April 23rd to present on the history of Guelph.  It should be an informative afternoon. The resident, family, friend, talent night April 29th is another fun time so please come out if you can.  Refer to the calendar for full listing of events.


Happy Easter to all ! AND Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week

Thank you to all the residents, staff, family members and friends that lend a helping hand from time to time, it is appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering call Carol 821-9030

VOLUNTEERING – It is good for the soul!

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