Programs at LaPointe

At LaPointe-Fisher we have a number of specialized programs for our residents to ensure we provide the quality of care that they truly deserve.

Falling Leaf Program

At LaPointe-Fisher we focus a lot of time on our Falls Prevention Program which we call our “Falling Leaf Program”. Our Falling Leaf Program helps us identify those residents who may be at risk for falling and allow us to take a proactive approach in preventing these types of accidents which are so common in the elderly. After assessment, residents may be tagged as a green leaf or red leaf depending on their likelihood of falling and interventions such as changing footwear, altering assistive devices, medication changes and specific exercise routines will take place.

Resident Council

The Resident Council makes suggestions for special outings and provides feedback about each department in their monthly meetings. The nursing home is happy to support our residents and respond to any concerns that may arise.

Restoration Program

Restorative care is focused on the rehabilitation and regaining of physical function of our residents. Our Restoration Program includes trained employees from our nursing department who work with our physio and occupational therapists to keep our residents mobile and independent. Daily walking programs and range of motion training are available to all residents who can also make use of our on-site physiotherapy room.

Pain and Palliative Program

LaPointe-Fisher is home to a number of qualified nursing staff with additional certification in pain and palliation. Our home is equipped with a private room which is dedicated to those residents who are transitioning to end-of-life. This allows families an opportunity to support their loved ones through this difficult journey, in a familiar environment as well as providing dignity and respect to the resident.

LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home - Pride In Caring

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