October 2020 Newsletter

  October 2020 Newsletter  

Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful and for giving thanks.  We have the staff, residents and families to thank for following protocols to reduce the chance of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. To date, no residents or staff have been affected.  Well done!

The reports from the Leadership Team:
Administrator Dahlia- Dahlia is pleased to report that we have secured an automated messaging system to contact POAs/families with any new developments in the home if or when the need arises. She thanks all families for indicating whether their choice of being contacted is via email or a phone call.  It is hoped that the automated messaging system will help to improve communication in an expedited manner, leaving staff more time to attend to residents’ immediate needs.
Dahlia also reports that In September Contract Services to the home resumed.  This included:  Footcare, OT, Ontario Home Health, and the one that made the residents most happy the services of an interim hairdresser “America.” The residents did appreciate the efforts of our staff in doing what they could prior to this point in time.  FYI -the contract services all wear full PPE to ensure resident safety.
Director of Quality Improvement Shane – Shane is pleased to report that the home is meeting their mandate in continuous quality improvement and culture change as on September 14 and 15 the Ministry of Long Term Care inspectors were once again in the home.  They cleared two orders and left zero citations.
He also reports that the directives from the Ministry are always evolving. As mentioned in the last newsletter residents are allowed to leave the premises, yet we need to still err on the side of great caution since the second wave is here per reports on the national news, plus our seniors have underlying health conditions. If going out, there are lots of restrictions, such as, mandatory use of face masks followed by screening and a five-day isolation.
We have had a few family members that have come into the home as they have met the defined set criteria for the essential care giver option seeing their resident in their sole room only while wearing full PPE. This option is evaluated as the option may be discontinued when the need is no longer pertinent.
Director of Nursing Karla – Karla reports that the IPAC team was here on September 15th.  IPAC stands for Infection Prevention And Control and their visit is timely since National Infection Control week is from Oct. 19-23, 2020. They are pleased with our preparedness in the event that the virus enters the home. Our mandate still stands however to remain COVID free.
She thanks residents, families and staff for following best practice to limit the chance of transmission which includes: agreeing to the flu shot, COVID tests, excellent hand hygiene, physical distancing, wearing masks etc. The flu vaccine will be administered as it becomes available.
Business Manager Kathy – Kathy wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving
Environmental Service Supervisor Cindy
– Cindy as always reports that practicing excellent infection control duties with sanitizing and cleaning continue to be the number one priority. With the weather getting colder it may be an idea to drop off warmer items if need be to your loved one. With items dropped off for the residents, please place in the blue box outside the front door with the resident’s name on. It will be distributed after sanitizing.
Food Service and Nutrition Manager Christine – Christine reports that she is working on the fall/winter menus in collaboration with the registered dietitian.  The resident council and registered dietitian will review, adjust and sign off on menus prior to them coming into effect.  As an added bit of information, the resident’s Thanksgiving meal will be served on Thanksgiving Monday October 12th at dinner.
Maintenance Manager Reg – Reg reports that he remains to have the home in good repair. He will be hosting some exercises for staff during or close to the time of Fire Prevention Week in Canada October 4-10th.
Resident Care Plan Co-ordinator Leanne – Leanne thanks the residents or their POA for giving consent for patient information sharing since assessments that may have been conducted in other settings and with permission transferred to us help us to care plan accordingly and seamlessly based on resident needs.
Activation Manager Carol – Carol reports that there were 125 pre planned visits in September, 4 zoom calls, 4 phone calls. Families have been inquiring about the visiting options with the cooler cold weather arriving.  Options include:
* continuing with the outdoor deck visits. Of course, the residents will be dressed appropriately based on the weather with blankets etc.
*closed door deck visits with families outside, resident indoors, we have walkie talkies, some families and residents have chosen to write notes to each other, which is truly an exercise in itself.
*face time using technology with our IPADs.
*indoor visit where one would attest to a negative COVID test and enter the 1st floor dining room. The 30 min visit occurs where there is a table and plexi glass set up not far off where the screening takes place.
As always useful info can be found on family councils of Ontario website www.fco.ngo Alzheimer Society Guelph Wellington, Public Health, the news section on the home’s website.

**Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween**     

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