November 2023 Newsletter

November 2023 Newsletter

This holiday season we are looking forward to it being a very special one as the Home has decided to go ahead with our wonderful Family Turkey Dinner and Christmas Party on Saturday December 9th at 12 noon provided everyone is healthy.  We feel confident that we can accomplish this great event provided there is a maximum of 2 guests per resident. Getting together, after all, with family is a tradition that is so well deserved and needed after the lock downs we faced over the last several years.

We ask that you please mark this date down and refer to the paper insert that is sent out in the mail with the billing for more details.

The reports from the Leadership Team:

Administrator Dahlia- In November 2024 we will be undergoing our Health Facilities Accreditation. Did you know that we go through this process in collaboration with our sister homes (Fairfield Park in Wallaceburg and Brouilette Manor in Tecumseh)?  The process is beneficial as it helps us meet the legislation set out by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. We review our policies and procedures, and they are updated as necessary.  Education for the staff is ongoing.  As the saying goes, ‘Education equates to knowledge’ and allows all connected with LaPointe-Fisher the understanding of the workings of the home so it operates as smoothly as possible in meeting our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission: We are a family oriented and operated Long-Term Home that provides safe, quality and compassionate care and services to our community, continually striving for excellence.

Our values:  We are committed to make this our residents’ home.

Our Vision: To Be “The Home of Choice”.

As part of the above processes, we are required to review our Satisfaction survey with input from both the resident and family council.  Please provide your feedback asap regarding the following question that may be added to our Resident/Family survey:

“Do you feel like your personal wishes, beliefs and culture is respected and valued?”

Director of Nursing Karla- If you have any concerns regarding the care of your loved one or operations of the home, please bring it to the attention to the RPN/RN right away. The RPN is the direct supervisor of the floor, and the RN is in charge of the building. It is important that reporting is timely so that staff follow-up can occur immediately. If the concern is not able to be resolved by the Registered Staff, they will forward it to the appropriate department head for resolution and the department head will be in contact with you for further discussion.
Thank you for understanding our concern/complaint process.

Assistant Director of Nursing Infection, Prevention and Control (IPAC) Lead MaryAnn- As of the end of October 2023, I am pleased to report 91% of our residents and 79% of our staff have received the influenza vaccine.

Most residents will be receiving the COVID-19 boost mid to late November 2023.

Business Manager Kathy- Please drop off your RSVP to the business office for our Saturday December 9th Turkey Dinner at 12 noon.  It is my duty to look after the bookkeeping for the maximum 2 guest limit. Thank you. 

Food Service and Nutrition Manager Christine- The fall winter menus were signed off by our Registered Dietitian and the Resident Council ahead of schedule, therefore, they came into effect on Monday October 30th.

Environment Services/Assistant Activity Manager Jennifer- I’m happy to announce that I successfully completed the Ontario Joint Health & Safety certification program and have moved into my role as Chair for our committee. We strive to maintain LaPointe-Fisher as “The Home of Choice” and this certainly includes keeping your loved ones and our staff safe & healthy! Do let me know if there’s something that needs addressing. As we continue in this beautiful autumn season, I express deep thanks to our veterans for their dedicated service. Remembrance Day is on Saturday, November 11th and is special in my family–my own father served in Canada’s military for forty-five years. “Lest we forget.”

Maintenance Manager Reg- Our worst-case scenario drill with the Fire Prevention Officer in attendance is pending.  Once the date is confirmed with the Fire Prevention Officer, we will proceed.   

Resident Care Plan Co-ordinator Leanne- The main goal in the home is for all residents to achieve through collaborative efforts a maximal level of well being, safety, socialization, and functioning. Alternately the home engages in a palliative philosophy of care. Auditing continues to ensure best outcomes.

Activation Manger Carol- The residents are excited to have a booth outdoors showcasing their craft goods at the Trinity United Church Holly Market on Saturday November 4th from 1PM to 5PM.  It shows community involvement along with PR. LaPointe-Fisher will have their own mini bazaar with crafts and tea cart from 2-4 on Saturday November 25th.  On November 25th, if any staff or family members wish to support our Resident Council by setting up a table the cost for the table is $10 which goes directly to the resident council. Profits with sales of course stay with the individual. The sale is open to family & friends.


Giving Thanks at Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget,
Happy Dwalli! Enjoy the upcoming Holiday season since it is upon us.

LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home - Pride In Caring

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