August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

Please join us on Tuesday August 23, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. for a 50’s/60’s night outdoors in our parking lot with classic cars and ‘Elvis’ (Bruce Herron). Over the last few years we have not been able to host this event due to the pandemic. We are confident that this outdoor event will be safe this year for staff and family alike. Please continue to practice routine infection control with handwashing. We also ask that family keep their masks on and cohort with their family member. Here is hoping for glorious weather and a beautiful night.

The reports from the Leadership Team:

Administrator Dahlia, Director Quality Improvement Shane, Director of Nursing Karla, Assistant Director of Nursing Linda- They report that the public copy of a Ministry of Long-Term Care visit has arrived. It is posted on our Ministry of Health Board and can be accessed on line. In line with the fixing of the Long-Term Care Act, our professional advisory committee and continuous quality improvement team, with representation from the resident and family council will be meeting in September.

On the vaccine front, we had a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on July 21 & July 22, 2022 for residents. Thank you for all those who participated. Congratulations! You have now been declared a booster hero!

Getting your vaccine is the best defence in keeping healthy and not experiencing debilitating symptoms.  Please speak with Linda Vu, ADON & IPAC Lead, if you would like to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine.

As a team, our main goal is embracing a restorative philosophy of care whereby residents attain their maximal level of well-being safety, socialization and functioning.
Our palliative philosophy of care is equally important ensuring that those residents that have reached that stage in life are comfortable and content.

Business Manager Kathy- Kathy reminds all to please speak with the RN/RPN relating to resident concerns or contact the appropriate Manager.

Environmental Service Supervisor Cindy- Cindy reports as always, to please continue to practice excellent infection control practices.

Food Service and Nutrition Manager Christine- Christine reports that we were lucky that the weather cooperated for our first July BBQ outdoors. The second one we were served the BBQ indoors due to high heat and humidity, inclement weather.
For August fresh Ontario corn on the cob is on the menu served in collaboration with the dietary, nursing and recreation staff.  Please do not worry about being able to bite the kernels off the cob; we will gladly remove the kernels from the cob if that is what you desire.  Keep our fingers crossed for perfect weather.

Maintenance Manager Reg- Reg reports that he and his assistant Dwayne continues to keep the home in good repair.

Resident Care Plan Co-ordinator Leanne- Leanne reports that she coordinated the first practice drill for our Emergency Codes which featured excellent role playing by two of our residents.  It was a code WHITE meaning Violent Person/Aggressive Situation.  Apparently, the staff thought the situation was real which is a testament to the excellent acting by the residents.

Recreation Manager Carol- Carol reports that a different set of residents took part in a July mock wedding.  It was a delightful fun-loving comedy skit as male residents played the role of the bride; bridesmaids and the females played the reverse male role.  She thanks our resident flute player for adding ambience to this beautiful event with fruit pizza served as the wedding cake.

Please mark this date on your calendar
Family Council Meeting
Tuesday September 13, 2022 at 2:00p.m.
For more information please contact Lisa Sharp at 519 823-9747

As always see the following websites: Public Health, Family Councils of Ontario, Alzheimer Society of Guelph Wellington for information and inspiration.
Look to website for details or on our website  Please continue to remain diligent and self monitor for symptoms, continue to wear your mask, physical distance and check your email (or voice mail) for updates. Stay well,…. stay safe, ….stay healthy

Staff and family members are reminded to apply sun screen and drink lots when residents go out especially on hot days.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our 50’s 60’s night with “Elvis”

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