January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

January is an exciting time of the year as we reflect on our successes in 2018 and set goals for 2019.   Some of our recent successes entailed seeing so many residents, families and staff enjoying our Christmas Turkey dinner and parties on December 1st. The festive spirit continued throughout the month, but was especially apparent on Christmas day as the melody chiming director who has multiple musical talents, came in and entertained over the lunch hour with her family.  Later that afternoon, one of our pianists who plays for our regular Church services played her violin, while a friend of one of our residents accompanied her on the piano. It was a perfect way to celebrate Christmas. We thank too the children that came in to deliver gifts to a few of our residents of their choosing. Another success was the timing of the planting of the amaryllis bulbs by our residents as their blooms peaked at just the right time putting many smiles on our residents’ and visitors’ faces.

In 2019, we want it to be the best year ever and for all to be happy, safe and content.  Did you know that it is important to sign in and out at the front door?  While most people do sign in and out, there are some that do not.  This book we use as part of our fire safety plan to see who is in the building, therefore it is important to sign in and out. Thank you.

The reports from the Leadership Team:
Administrator Dahlia –
She reminds us of the dates of January 14, 15, 16th, 2019 as the elevator will be shut down for repairs.  She reports that there are contingency plans in place that will not disrupt services to our residents.  She asks that visitors please use the stairs on these 3 days and to please re-schedule your visits if you have difficulty with stairs until the elevator is operational. Thank you.
Dahlia also reports that the Ministry was in our building for a time period and she will pass on the results of their visit once obtained.
Environmental Service Supervisor Cindy-She would like to remind all to continue to practice good hand hygiene, get a flu shot if you can, and not to visit if you are not feeling well.  If you are bringing in warmer new clothings, please remember to get them labelled.  If you are missing items, please report it to the charge nurse ASAP.  We would also like to invite you to look at the lost and found area in the laundry room.
Food Service and Nutrition Manager Christine –reports that the fall winter menus are in full swing now.  Feedback is always welcome.
Maintenance Manager Reg –reports that we have recently updated our elevator code in an effort to keep our residents safe.  Please ask staff for the new code.  The front door code and internal door codes remain the same.
Director of Nursing Jackie and Assistant Director of Nursing Karla – They report that it is always their goal for better residents’ care.  They report that one of the foot care providers has retired however Foot care by Peace of Mind is on board to provide service to those who are interested. His name is Mr. Chris Austin.
Recreation Manager Carol – She thanks all the residents along with all the staff that played a role in decorating the home so nicely inside and outside over the festive season. Even at New Years while the basement activity room was being decorated, it brought goose bumps as it took on the look of Time Square in New York City. The room showcased lots of lights which included ambient lighting as well as lights all around the perimeter of the room. This annual event brings cozy memories, and lots of fun as residents celebrate with a countdown, ball drop, and dance to their favourite music selections.
As a sad note we will not be celebrating Australia day this January since entertainer Peter Shaw who was originally from Australia passed away in 2018. Peter always came to the home in January where he provided a very entertaining show for our birthday party.  This year we will have our birthday party right on Robbie Burns day.  Please see the calendar for the full listing of events.  The staff are also planning some jovial dress up days to ensure that the ‘so called January blahs’  do not occur in this home.

Our Mission: To provide quality and compassionate care and services in our community, continually striving for excellence in the provision of such care and services.

Our Vision: To Be “The Home of Choice”

Wishing everyone a safe, prosperous and healthy 2019

LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home - Pride In Caring

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