December 2019 Newsletter

 December 2019 Newsletter  

Thank you to all who attended the Resident Family Christmas Turkey Dinner and parties on each floor on November 30th.  A special large print edition of the newsletter was placed on the resident tables on the day of the event. Here are some highlights of the Managers journey through 2019.  It is impressive.

Administrator Dahlia – She reports that she cannot say enough about our wonderful Director of Operations Shona. In January 2019 Shona arranged Silver Meridian Training for front line Managers.  This training provided valuable tips on leadership styles and accountability to make the home the best it can be.

Director of Quality Improvement Shane reports that he is thrilled to see the home come so far in the year.  He feels he has had a successful year heading up and/or sitting on multiple committees including the Falls committee. He reminds everyone to wear proper footwear to reduce falls. In the snowy weather, please remove your boots at the front door, wipe up any spills or wetness anytime you see it.  He reminds staff to please continue to follow the 4P’ in reducing resident falls.

Assistant Director of Nursing Karla– She reports that she underwent Nursing Leadership Education this year.  She also headed up skin and wound training for our registered staff and PSWs that follows the best practice guidelines laid out by the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario (RNAO).  Karla and all of the leadership team are thrilled to announce that LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home will be recognized by the RNAO in a publication on the RNAO website set to come out in 2020 about our vast improvements and results achieved with our skin and wound program.  Our wound care consultant and the Ministry Inspectors themselves acknowledged our efforts. This would not have been possible to achieve without the aid of our dynamic registered staff and our super PSW’s. Well done!!!.

Director of Nursing Jackie in 2019 continued to be a strong advocate for resident centred care. She sat on numerous committees including Occupational Health & Safety.  She advocated as did many within the home for a social worker.  Jackie put a lot of energy as did other team members to sort through the complex intricacies that residents and their families face. Jackie with the Management team are pleased to announce that we have secured a social worker to work a few days a week starting later in December.  It is Jackie’s wish for 2020 for everyone to be understanding, respectful, and get along.

Environmental Services Supervisor in Charge of Laundry and Housekeeping excelled as always in coordinating and leading special activities for the staff.  As part of the infection control committee she cannot say enough about following good infection control practices.  In a nut shell she reminds everyone to:


Wash Hands                               Don’t visit if sick                               Get -flu shot

The acceptance rating for staff getting the flu shot has improved from approximately 50% last year to approximately 90% this year.  Great job!

Maintenance Manager Reg– He reports that he is kept busy with general upkeep of the home.  He is pleased to hear from the Managers that do tours of the home that visitors are pleasantly surprised that the home looks so well considering its age.  He is pleased that the timed fire drills and evacuation exercise both went very well this year.  He says the deck on 2nd floor is under construction, but won’t be fully finished until 2020 as the workers are observing it for a roof leak.

Food Service Manager Christine reports that the fall winter menus are in full swing now.  She would personally like to thank Cathy Van de Vegte our registered dietitian for her clinical expertise in following our high risk residents for example those that may have had wounds this past year. Cathy is very resident focused and collaborates well with all team members.

Activation/Recreation Manager Carol reports that during flu season especially when symptoms are starting to appear in staff or residents some larger group programs may come to be cancelled or altered as a means to reduce the chance of infection from spreading in the home.  She is thankful for her staff and all the wonderful programs that occur on a day to day basis, 7 days a week, 8-8.  The photos on the television monitor in the front lobby that showcase some of the residents engaged in activities says it all.

Resident Care Co-ordinator Leanne reports that registered staff are completing their annual test for the RAI-MDS.  This test acts as a refresher to ensure that their coding for the many resident assessments are accurate. Following the coding the resident care plans are updated accordingly. She reports that the restorative team chair Zumba and spin classes (bike pedalling) are enjoyed by the residents.

Business Manager Kathy– Speaks on behalf of all the Manager’s in wishing everyone nothing but the best over the Holiday Season.   HO! HO! HO!


LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home - Pride In Caring

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